Sport, Health and Wellbeing 

Christmas Fun Run 2022

15.12.20 We all enjoyed taking part in our Christmas Fun Run, and for some it turned into a muddy experience. It  was great to get physical completing the obstacle course and all dressed up in our Christmas outfits!

Sports at North Featherstone Update

03.03.20 Featherstone Pyramid Upper KS2 Tag Rugby Winners!
We are still celebrating two days later.


04.03.20 Upper KS2 Family Competition at St.Wilfrid's.

We got through to the semi-finals and will come back better next time!


05.03.20 After school football club.

A team photo after signing our contract with our new manager Mr Goldson. 


Oak Forest schools does Cycle-cross

We had the pleasure of inviting Oak Forest School to NFJI to conduct a very successful cycle cross as part of our 'Tour De Yorkshire' celebrations.

A short video - provided by Oak Forest schools' can be viewed below.


A great 2 full day session which all the children thoroughly enjoyed!

 image.jpeg image[1].jpeg image[2].jpeg image[3].jpeg IMG_3630.jpg IMG_3633.jpg IMG_3643.jpg IMG_3647.jpg IMG_3660.jpg DSCF3131.JPG DSCF3145.JPG DSCN6508.jpg  
 Image.png Image-2.png Image-3 (1).png Image-3.png Image-4.png Image-8.png IMG_0964.jpg SAM_2372.jpg SAM_2376.jpg SAM_2382.jpg

Year 2 sports visit to St Wilfrid's School

UKS2 Netball


Last Tuesday, a team of 8 UKS2 pupils competed in the St Wilfird's Pyramid High 5 event. 

Pupils competed extremely well and made it through to the semi-finals, losing by one goal in the dying minutes.

Well done to all of you! You represented the school extremely well and your sportmanship was commented by other members of staff and parents!

Cricket coaching

Maple, Hazel and Willow enjoy specialist cricket coaching.

                    IMG_0392.JPG IMG_0393.JPG IMG_0396.JPG IMG_0401.JPG IMG_0404.JPG IMG_0405.JPG IMG_0407.JPG IMG_0408.JPG IMG_0409.JPG IMG_0410.JPG

Junior Kwik Cricket

North Featherstone J&I hosted a Kwik Cricket tournament. Lots of fun had by all. Thanks to all the schools that joined us for this event and well done to all the children involved.

                                                                                                P1010533.JPG P1010535.JPG P1010538.JPG P1010540.JPG

Y5/6 Football Tournament

As well as being the hosting school for the Annual Featherstone Pyramid Football tournament, this year we were successful in WINNING!

Well done North Featherstone J&I.

Thanks to all the Featherstone Pyramid of schools for entering!

Oak Class PE

Oak class have been studying dance. They've looked at dynamics and relationships to work individually, in pairs and groups to create this dance linked to their topic of Ancient Greeks - look closely; you should be able to work out some Olympic sports and an ancient form of transport.

Y5 Fun Run

In October, all Year 5 took part in a fun run at St Wilfrid's High School. Each and every child completed the run and we had a number of winners from across the pyramid.

Well done to all that took part!

                                                                                 SAM_1005.JPG SAM_1007.JPG SAM_1012.JPG SAM_1016.JPG SAM_1019.JPG SAM_1028.JPG

 North Featherstone does 'Tough MUDDER'

As a initiative to get all children outdoors and more active, during the summer term we had a 'Tough MUDDER' style course for all classes. Children (and staff) had a fantastic day of keeping active, increasing teamwork and independence as well as GETTING MUDDY!

                  SAM_1362.JPG SAM_1373.JPG SAM_1380.JPG SAM_1388.JPG SAM_1389.JPG SAM_1399.JPG SAM_1402.JPG SAM_1409.JPG SAM_1415.JPG SAM_1425.JPG

Our Allotment

With a focus on growing and healthy eating, different groups of children have been out to the allotment to plant. Let's wait and see what fruit and veg we grow.

SAM_1220.JPG SAM_1244.JPG SAM_1341.JPG SAM_1353.JPG