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We continuously receive positive feedback, from our parents and guardians, and it has been suggested that we share these comments. So we have designed this page as a medium to keep you up to date with all the wonderful things that are said about our school and its environment.

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Madni Mosque 15th June 2022(less than a year ago)

The children are a credit to your school. They were so respectable, sensible and engaging. Absolutely fantastic! Wow!

Parent(a couple of years ago)

I really enjoy these days, they are a great opportunity to see what they are doing and also how the children interact with others. Today was good to see the children doing problem solving. Thanks.

KS2 Parent(a couple of years ago)

A very enjoyable morning spent with Vinny in the classroom setting. It's important to be aware of online dangers - I'm glad this is also discussed in school!

KS2 Parent(a couple of years ago)

Really enjoyed working with Tylor and seeing him enjoy his work and even learnt a little myself. Makes you see your children in a new light. Impressive.

Parent(a couple of years ago)

Fun ICT session once we worked it out. Nice to see how internet safety is being took seriously because it is something I worry about when my child uses Xbox or phone.

Parent(a couple of years ago)

It was really enjoyable to see Brayden and his friends engrossed in their learning. It was good knowing that all the children were aware of not talking to people if anyone contacts them online and that they know what to do.

Parent(a couple of years ago)

Very inertesting ICT morning. Much more advanced than I expected.

Paul Hale(a couple of years ago)

Fabulous day of coding! Really good fun, excellent!

UFS Parent(a couple of years ago)

Fantastic facilities and really enthusiastic teachers and staff. It really shows the children and their environment. Love the interactive touch screen, the numbers snowball game was excellent to watch. The enthusiasm reflected in both teachers and kids is amazing. Thank you for letting us be a part of it.

Number Day(a couple of years ago)

I have had a lovely morning exploring different numbers and shapes with Reuben. We both had lots of fun, and especially enjoyed the gingerbread man hunt, even though it was freezing! Thank you!


Number Morning(a couple of years ago)

Lovely number morning in Hazel. Great opportunity to see how maths is taught to the children in school, so many creative techniques. Great effort from the staff and lots of fun for the kids.

Numbers Day(a couple of years ago)

I really enjoyed creating the scenes with Isabella and Leah, they worked really well as a team and really enjoyed the freedom of creating their own scene with sounds. It was good to see the class enjoying the learning.

Number Day(a couple of years ago)

That was great!!! Loved every minute. Will wait for next maths day

Number Day(a couple of years ago)

Really enjoyed having the chance to come and learn with my son. Miss Gould is fantastic. Thank you

Number Day(a couple of years ago)

Really well thought out activities making a really fun way of working for the children and parents. The card game for the timetables was really good and makes the children think quickly. All the children were really enthusiastic.

Kasons mum(a couple of years ago)

Lovely morning spent with the children, great teachers in Year 2.

Parent(a couple of years ago)

Really enjoyed the maths morning and learning new ways that the children are working out their maths.

Holly Class Parent(a couple of years ago)

Today all staff explained everything and it was well planned. I learnt from Hugo the English way as I have only done the Trinidad way - Excellent I would do it again

Billys mum(a couple of years ago)

I've learnt a lot today. I have learnt how to work out sums in different ways, which will help with homework time! It was nice to see the children enjoying their learning to.

Elm - Numbers morning(a couple of years ago)

I have really enjoyed coming into the school for the numbers day. It is nice to see my child in a school environment. I like being able to see how he learns and contribute to what is going on and also the interaction with others. I think the morning was organised very well and Miss Flint and the rest of the team did an excellent job.