North Featherstone Junior And Infant School

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Staffing Structure


Headteacher - M Cunnington

Deputy Headteachers - K Roter and N Symes



Teaching Staff - Saplings class - R Goldson & N Symes, Cherry class - G Tatterton, Ash class - A Jaggar

Nursery Nurses - S Southern, S Cartwright

Teaching Assistants - K Jones, G Dawson, M Mosley, L Gillespie, P Smith


Key Stage 1

Teaching Staff - Elm class - A James, Sycamore class - J Livingstone, Holly Class - L Shephard

Nursery Nurse - J Kelly

Teaching Assistants - B Powell, S Higgins, H Malkin


Key Stage 2

Teaching Staff - Oak class - C Chonowski,  Beech class - B Graham, Birch class - K Roter & A Crabb, Willow class - J Metcalfe, Maple class - J Taylor, Hazel class - E Baines & P Papamichael

Teaching Assistants - A King, Y Yeo, L Morgan, K Bowman, A Clarke, K Ferguson, K Hankins, Y Ernest, L Oakley



Learning Mentor - F Croft, J Robson

HLTA - J Kirk

Business Manager - R Nield

Admin Support - J Chambers, A Joynt

Caretaking - S Cunnington

Cleaning - L Morgan, J Sherwood, G Hayes, A King

Lunchtime Supervisors - J Sherwood, K Harbottle, S Joynt, G Hayes, L Gillespie, S Higgins, G Dawson, C Wilson, K Hankins, M Mosley, V Reid.


Subject Leaders

Subject Leader
Assessment Mrs Chojnowski
Curriculum, Teaching & Learning FS & KS1 Mrs Symes
Curriculum, Teaching & Learning KS2 Mrs Roter
Inclusion - SEND, PP, EAL Mrs Norris
Literacy Miss Metcalfe
Mathematics Mrs Roter
Science Mrs Cunnington
MFL - French Mrs Goldson
Computing, including whole school E-Safety Mrs Jaggar
Website Mrs Cunnington
Religious Education Miss Papamichael
Art & Design Miss Livingstone
Design & Technology Miss Crabb
History Mrs Symes
Geography Mrs Tatterton
ECT Miss Shephard
PSHE & Mental Well-being Mrs Norris
Music Mrs James
Outdoor Learning Mrs Chojnowski
School Council Miss Shephard
Phonics and Early Reading Mrs Symes
P.E. Miss Graham