Welcome to Sycamore Class

Miss Shephard

This half-term we have been exploring the continent of Asia, in particular the country of China. 

As a part of this topic, we visited a local Chinese buffet to sample the cultutre and food. The children were extremely well-behaved and they represted our school amazingly well. We had so many comments on the children's positive behaviour. 

This half-term, our science topic is all about 'Habitats'. We have been exploring life processes (MRS GREN) and investigating how we know if something is alive, dead or has never lived. The children have been able to classify and group animals and plants into their habitats. 

In music we have been learning about rhythm and timbre. The children have produced a piece of music, based on the traditional tale, The Three Little Pigs. The children had to use their voices expressively to speak and chant. They then had to choose suitable instruments to represent a character.