North Featherstone Junior And Infant School

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Special achievements

Weekly Achievements

 Celebrating children's achievements is incredibly important to us and so we have devised a scheme in which enables us to come together as a whole school to celebrate together.

Each week your child's class teacher will rewarding two children from their class with an achievement certificate to celebrate their hard work. The two certificates are; Achiever of the Week and Reader of the Week. To achieve these rewards your child must demonstrate excellent learning throughout the whole week within each and every aspect of learning and continuously strive to better their reading in school and at home.  

We monitor this through observations, marking reading records, interventions and interaction with the pupils throughout the day.

The children receiving these rewards will be given them in every Mondays assembly as we come together as a whole school to celebrate.

Termly Achievements

At the end of each term children with 100% attendance will be rewarded with a certificate to celebrate their commitment to learning.

Children will also have to the chance to earn the 'Achiever' and 'Reader' of the term certificate and small gift to celebrate their hard work during the full term.

These rewards will also be given out in the end of year celebratory, full school assembly.

The X Factor Challenge!

Once a week all KS2 will complete the X Factor challenge. The X Factor challenge is a set of 40 maths questions that each child must correctly complete three times to gain an X Factor badge.

However, there is one catch!

You only have 4 minutes to complete the challenge.

The sets of questions range from a bronze difficulty all the way up to a platinum difficulty. Once each child has completed each a difficulty level they will move onto the next one until he/she has, again, correctly completed the set of question three times.

This challenge encourages children's quick thinking math skills using their times table skills and knowledge to support them in answering these questions.

Congratulations to all the children who have achieved badges in our Maths challenge so far. Keep working hard on your times tables and you too could be an X factor champion!