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Class R/1

Welcome to Class R/1, our Teacher is Mrs Jaggar.  In class R/1 there are lots of different areas to explore and investigate.  If you have time, look at some of our photos to find out about the fun things we do!

Cannon Hall Farm

A fantastic day to remember ........All the children in class R/1 enjoyed the day at Cannon Hall farm.  We saw lots of animals and had so much fun playing in the park.

Our Learning environment

Our learning environment


Spellings will usually be sent home on a Friday to be learnt for the following Friday. 

The children are encouraged to use the LOOK, COVER, WRITE, CHECK strategy to learn the spellings however there are lots of other fun games to play such as rearranging a selection of letters to make the tricky word, or 'hunt the word'- every time a word is found spell the word out loud. 

You might also like to try the games on - Access Year 1 and Literacy game -Sparklers

Dinosaur Eggs

You will need sound for this game.  Click on a selection of tricky words

that you want to practise.  Listen to the words and click on the egg that shows this word.  If you get the right word watch the eggs hatch.

Click the First 100 High Frequency Words image to view and print this document.


Here are some targets that you could help your child work towards

Can I say which parts of the book I like?

Can I say what I think is going to happen at the end of the story?

Can I say how this story or poem makes me feel?

Can I say if this book reminds me of any others I have read?

Can I tell you about the characters in the book or something that happens in the book?

Rhyming word game

Test your phonic skills, read and match rhyming words.



Here are some targets you could help your child work towards


Can I form letters correctly.


Can I write my first and last name.


Can I write for a range of purposes; labels, lists, stories


Can I use full-stops at the end of a sentence.


Can I remember a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and for the first letter of people and place names.


Can I remember clear finger spaces between each word in a sentence.


Can I read what I have written.


Can I check it makes sense.



Here are some targets you could help your child work towards


Can I join in with and recite number rhymes.


Can I write numbers 1 to 9 correctly


Can I add numbers together to find out how many altogether.


Can I takeaway a 1-digit number from 2-digit number.


Can I find the difference between 2 numbers.


Can I name 2D shapes.


Can I name 3D shapes.


Can I continue a pattern eg; number, shape, colour, picture etc.