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Class 2

Chinese New Year

During the last week of half term we have been celebrating the Chinese New Year. We have been finding out about life in Malaysia and how people welcome in the New Year.

We were very lucky to have a dance coach come in to help us learn about Chinese dancing. It was great fun! This stimulated us to write some fantastic poems about Chinese dragons together with puppets that shortly will be flying over our heads in class.


Just after half term the teachers will be displaying our work. Please come in to see it and enjoy looking at all the fun we have had. Also photographs of the exciting week will be displayed on our page. 


Adjective challenge


How many different describing words can you think of for the following words?


large, small, worried, happy, 


Think of as many as you can and write them down. Show them to your class teacher and get three golden tickets.


Improving a sentence


Read the sentences below. Try to improve them so they are less BORING.


Remember to think about a good sentence opener, adjectives, commas, adverbs and connectives. Can you think of using a different verb to create more impact?


The lady walked down the lane.

The puppy ran across the field.

The waiter dropped his tray.

The children stood at the bus stop.


This term we are looking at Christopher Columbus and discovering the reasons that led him to discover the Americas. The children are having a lot of fun through cross curricular activities including Language, PE, Forest Schools and Art.


In Language, the children have looked at persuasive writing in order to try to get the King of Spain to allow him money for the trip together with writing a job advert to encourage members of the public to join. The children had to think carefully about their choice of vocabulary and the reasons that would encourage someone to actually want to help Columbus. The children tried very hard and their work is to be displayed within the classroom.


Following stories and looking at pictures about life on board the ship captained by Christopher Columbus, the children tried to empathise what it must be like for a young sailor. Through a variety of different activities including role play, drama, dance and using the internet for pictures about Columbus, the children have produce some wonderful accounts of how difficult life was and the difficult conditions that the sailors had to endure. The children are currently studying their work and considering ways to improve their own writing. They are thinking about using better adjectives, including adverbs and having a wider range of connectives. Also they will think about using different sentence openers. When the writing is finished we will display them so that you will able to come into class and enjoy reading their accounts.


In PE we are currently working on a dance routine which briefly tells the story of Columbus. Working individually, with partners and in small groups, the children are designing simple routines that will eventually come together for a performance. We look forward to inviting you in to school when it is ready for us to share with you our ideas.


The children will require their PE kits every Monday and Friday.

Cooking club

Over the year, we have had a lot of FUN at cooking club and have discovered a lot regarding food hygiene and different techniques required in cooking. The children have experienced in making their own burger and chips, exploring different pastries through cheese tarts, sausage rolls, strawberry and custard tarts together with pizza. Also the children have enjoyed following simple recipes for making dishes such as apple crumble.

Forest School

The children are currently doing Forest Schools every Monday morning. They will require old, warm clothes for these sessions. If they have old wellington boots, they may find it easier during the wetter sessions.

Below are photographs showing the children imagining that they had just come off the boat with Columbus and are trying to problem solve how to build a waterproof shelter. They had a lot of FUN. Once the shelters were built they were tested to see how strong they were and whether they would protect the children from the rain. Despite the wet and muddy conditions the children worked very hard as a team and enjoyed their hot chocolate drink deciding how they would improve their next attempt.

Remembrance day Tribute from the children