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Welcome to Class 2

Welcome to our class page. We hope that you will enjoy visiting it and help us to celebrate the fantastic work that we are doing in class

This term we have been very busy finding out how to keep healthy and look after ourselves through different lessons. In science we have been carrying out lots of investigations which were great fun. We have made careful drawings of our faces making sure that we worked out exactly where the different features go. After we had completed the line drawings, we used a variety of different medium to add colour and shade to our work. We looked at lots of different portraits made by the artist Thomas Gainsborough and then enjoyed finding out about him. We used the information to make a class book which we illustrated with examples of his work.

We decided as a class that it was very important to look after our bodies in order to keep fit and healthy. In design technology we have examined lots of posters and tried to work out what a good poster needed. We thought carefully about the different activities we could do to keep healthy.  After that we came up with lots of different slogans we could use and spent time asking people which they thought were the best. We spent time using the computers to explore designing our posters. We experimented altering the layout, text design, colour, images and any additional infomation that we wanted to include.

We will use our posters in class and around school to encourage everybody to try to keep fit and healthy.


Florence Nightingale 

This half term we have enjoyed finding out about Florence Nightingale. Our studies have included work in history lessons, poetry, dance and drama, problem solving in maths and art. All the children have found out so much about her and the reasons behind her work

Hopefully our dance teacher will record on video the dance that we have made up ourselves based on a poem about her. When it is finished, we would like parents to come and watch it after school and share in the fun that we have had on our learning journey.   

 Next term

In Science we are looking at conditions needed for plants to grow healthily and finding out about animals. We are very excited about our trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium. We are looking forward to finding out and meeting all sorts of unusual and fascinating sea creatures that we would only normally see in books or on television.

At the Blue Planet Aquarium, we will come face to face with sharks and sting rays and watch them as they glide over our heads.

During the visit, we will be reseaching the different sea creatures that are found at the centre and then use the information to make a Sea Life booklet. It would be very good if you could try to find out some information about sharks, sting rays and other sea creatures before the visit. Remember all information brought in from home will get you 10 golden tickets.

In Language, we are looking at non fiction texts. We will carry out research on the fishing industry in Hull and different sea creatures. We will also be finding out about the artist David Hockney and looking at his landscape paintings. This will help with the art project that we are doing based on David Hockney's 'The Bigger Picture'.


Language Challenge.

Extend the sentences below using different connectives (because, since, however, when suddenly, but, so). Remember you should try to improve the sentences by including exciting adjectives and adverbs.

After the storm the excited children dashed outside.

Suddenly the angry lady stormed out of the cafe.

In the far cormer of the field a little field mouse shook.

As the car got to the railway crossing it stopped.

Tom spotted the elderly lady leaning over the fency


Language challenge

Using speech marks.

"I am hoping that all this terrible snow will stop shortly," moaned the lorry driver.


Sit down in your places and read a book said the teacher.

What a great goal cheered the crowd.

The kind policeman said I will help you find your kitten.

I have hurt my knee sobbed Tom.

Tom sobbed I have hurt my knee.

In the middle of the stormy night Sally shouted I hate the wind.

Maths challenge

How many of these times table sums can you do in a minute? Ask a friend to time you. Let your class teacher know how well you have done!


Challenge 1

2x2 =        5x2=        8x2=        3x2=       9x2=         4x2=        0x2=        7x2=

1x2=         12x2=      11x2=      10x2= 


Challenge 2

1x5=          3x5=        7x5=        4x5=

8x5=          0x5=        6x5=        10x5=

2x5=          5x5=        12x5=      11x5=


Challenge 3

1x2=          4x5=        5x5=         2x2=

3x5=          6x2=        3x2=         7x5=

8x2=        10x5=        9x5=         9x2=

6x5=        12x5=      11x2=         0x5=

Reading is fun.

In Class 2, we all enjoy reading in class and at home. When you find a book that you have enjoyed reading can you let other children in the class know so they could read the book.


In class there is a little form to fill in so your friends will be able to decide whether they would like to read it.


Book review



What type of book is it?____________________________________________________________________

If it is a fiction book, who are the main characters?______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Briefly describe what the book is about.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Briefly describe why you liked the book.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Remember, every book review gets 20 golden tickets.

History and Dance

This half term we are finding out about Florence Nightingale. What information can you find out about her? Ask your parents to help you use the internet or visit the local library.

Please bring in any information that you think is suitable to share with the class. All new information will win 10 golden tickets. Happy researching! 

Science, DT, ICT, PSHCE

This half term we are finding out about how our bodies work and why it is important to keep healthy. We are designing posters that will be displayed in the Infant shared area to help children keep healthy and look after themselves. We will use our ICT skills and DT skills to try to create exciting posters that will be effective.

At home, if you can find any suitable pictures of healthy living i.e. people enjoying sport, healthy eating, ask if you can bring them into school and share with your friends.

REMEMBER- if you can bring something in you can win 10 golden tickets.

Thank you for visiting our class page. If you think how we can improve it, write your idea down and put it in an envelope with your name on and give it to Mrs Yeo. Each suggestion will get 5 golden tickets.


Secret message - to let your class teacher know that you have visited this page, this weeks code is ... Hammy is on his wheel.


Write it on a piece of paper with your name on and give it to Mrs Yeo. You will get 5 golden tickets!