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Class 1/2

Welcome to our class page!

This page is an opportunity to see the activities that children have been doing in class. There will be pictures and information so that you are kept up to date with our topics.

In class 1/2 we have several adults. There is Miss Slater with Mrs Yeo (PM). We also have help from Mrs Morgan two mornings a week and Mrs Lever one morning a week. We also have support from Miss Gillespie (AM) and Miss Malkin (PM). Miss Slater is out of the class on a Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. During this time Mrs Powell teaches the class.

So far this year children have settled well into class and are growing in their confidence to try new activities.

On a Friday afternoon children have Forest Schools. We were so happy to see parents there too this half-term and will hopefully be doing another session soon.

We have PE on Wednesday mornings, in which we are currently working on dance.

Our topic this half-term is Discovery. We are explorers just like Christopher Columbus!!

This means we are looking at his life in history and his brave decision to travel West around the world. In geography we are focusing on maps and the different countries Columbus visited. In literacy we have been looking at persuasive arguments and letters as Columbus had to convince the King and Queen of Spain to go on his voyage. In Science we have explored a range of materials and their properties and are going to start thinking of materials that would be good for Columbus's boat. In art and design & technology we are  curently working on weaving, building up to creating a Navajo rug.

In numeracy we are looking at a variety of areas, including calculations, money and capaicty.


We hope you enjoy the pictures and information about our class...

We enjoyed exploring to find a range of materials around school and record them in different material groups:

Below are our pictures with Santa! We had a lovely Christmas party and Santa brought us gifts:

Remembrance Day Tribute from the children in Class 1/2