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2016/17 Results

Early Years - Outcomes over time

GLD for Foundation Stage is below national data.  The attainment at GLD has improved year on year from the 2015 data, which reflects the accurate assessments of the children.  The target of 62% was not achieved due to the movement of 1 pupil in UFS.

Year 1 - Phonics

Phonics results for Year 1 shows a rising trend and from 2016 is above national expectations.  The target of 83% has not been achieved due to an EAL pupil joining the class during the summer term.


End of Key Stage 1 - Expected


End of Key Stage 1 - Working at Greater Depth

Key Stage 1 - Progress made  from Foundation to the end of KS1

This table clearly shows the value added and progress that the children have made from Foundation

to the end of Key Stage 1.

Key Stage 2 - (Year 6)

The national outcomes are in brackets.

This data includes 2 English as Additional Language pupils who were new to the country that school will look to remove from the data in the autumn term; this will increase the outcomes further. 

Key Stage 2 results show a rising trend in assessments using the new national curriculum, compared to the 2015 – 16 data in all areas, including children working at greater depth.

End of Key Stage 2 - Expected.

Attainment for reading, writing, mathematics, grammar and R,W, M combined are above Wakefield and National figures for the second consecutive year.  The expected scaled score for Key Stage 2 is 100.  The school’s scaled scores are also above Wakefield and National figures.

End of Key Stage 2 - Working at greater depth.

Greater depth attainment for reading, maths, grammar and combined are above Wakefield and national figures.

Progress Measures KS1 - KS2

Targets for 2017-18    

  • Increase the number of KS2 children achieving greater depth in writing so that we are at least in line with national data.
  • Increase the number of KS2 children achieving expected in reading, diminishing the gap between reading and mathematics.
  • Increase the number of KS1 children achieving expected and greater depth in writing
  • Further increase Good Level of Development at Foundation Stage

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