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Year 6 - Home Learning 

Updated french lesson... Check it out

Also, weekly quiz answers

During this time at home...

Home Learning Wednesday 1st April Answers

Home Learning - Thursday 2nd April April

French lesson... Try our weekly french lesson. You may even want to teach your siblings or your parents! (Answers next week)

Each week we will be sharing a topic session with you. This next two weeks focus is Robert Falcon Scott.


Session 1: Non-Chronological Report


Y6 Always list: (to include in all of your writing)

  • A range of sentence openers
  • Co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions
  • A range of KS2 punctuation      .CL , ! ? ; :  -- ( ) ,,
  • Paragraphs
  • Use of technical/topic based impressive vocabulary
  • Thinking about the formality of the writing - A non-chronological report - formal



Frozen Kingdom Topic Session 2


Interested in some home reading via audio book... click on the link below

Don't miss out on your fix of the Weekly Quiz... Why not try it as part of a games night with your family. 

(Answers next week)