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Year 5 - Home Learning 

Updated french lesson... Check it out

Also, weekly quiz answers

During this time at home...

Wednesday 1st April Answers:

Thursday 2nd April



French lesson... Try our weekly french lesson. Why not work as a family and teach a sibling or your parents. (Answers next week)

Topic - History:

Session 1: Non-Chronological Report


UKS2 Always list: (to include in all of your writing)

  • A range of sentence openers
  • Co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions
  • A range of KS2 punctuation      .CL , ! ? ; :  -- ( ) ,,
  • Paragraphs
  • Use of technical/topic based impressive vocabulary
  • Thinking about the formality of the writing - A non-chronological report - formal

Don't miss out on your fill of the Weekly Quiz... Why not try it as part of a games night with your family?

(Answers next week)