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Year 5 - Home Learning

What new skills have you been learning during lockdown?

Sports? D&T? Needlework and sewing?

Let us know via the email:

Check out what some of the UKS2 pupils have been learning!

Louie H's new workout is uploaded! Find the instructions at the bottom of the page!

New weekly quiz uploaded now! Answers next week...

Some pdf documents are still not loading first time!

Hi guys, if the pdf documents for the home learning aren't loading properly or load but have lots of letters/numbers in the wrong place, please follow these tips:

1.      Try to download the document instead of reading it in the web browser

2.     Click on the browser address and load the whole page again. 

If you are still struggling, drop us an email at and we will get back to you shortly. This is an ongoing problem and we are trying to resolve this!


UKS2 team

Remember to send any photos to teachers at:

Have a look at some of the pictures we have received. We also want to continue to thank you all, children and parents for all of your hard work keeping up with all of the online learning as best you can in this difficult time. Remember you can send any photos of your work to the email address above!

Please try to complete as much Lexia and Times Tables Rock Stars as you can... Well done for those who are regularly completing sessions!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all safe and well! During this time away from school I've spent most of the time in the garden enjoying the beautiful weather. We have has lots of barbecues, played swing ball and had water fights with my husband and our kids. I have also been on lots of long walks around Featherstone. Luckily, we have plenty to keep us busy with the 2 cats (Tommy & Ginger), 3 rabbits - with their new tunnel toy (Freckle, Willow & Knottie) and lots of fish in the pond. I hope you are all having fun, working hard and staying safe! I can't wait to see you soon!


Mrs Yeo x

Hi everyone.. Hope you’re all safe, well and happy. :-) I have been working all my boys hard, making sure they’re doing their work, but also making time for lots of fun and games together, especially in the garden in this lovely weather. I think my dog Cooper is enjoying having us all at home too!
Stay safe, and hope to see you all soon. :-D Love, Mrs Bowman.

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing well during this difficult time so I just wanted to send you all a little message so you all know I’m doing great and have been keeping myself busy! Alongside creating work for you guys, heading into school and lots of other school work, I have been trying to enjoy this beautiful weather we have been having by getting outside as much as possible. I have been going out for lots of runs around my village; it’s very beautiful here and is surrounded by farms and fields so the views have been lovely. I have also been doing some work in my garden – not a lot as I’m no expert and my dad is teaching me but as I can’t see him I’ve been trying to do little bits myself. We have a herb garden next to our main back garden, which is currently in the process of coming back to life, but I have been harvesting some chives, rosemary and lavender which grow there! There’s also been time to cut the grass in our little paddock attached to the garden which has been great fun being able to sit on our little tractor, although it has mostly been my boyfriend and I have just watched and told him the parts he's missed haha! And finally I’ve been spending a lot of time with our neighbour’s horses and sunbathing where I can reading my books! During this lockdown period it can be difficult not seeing friends and family, but as most them are back up in the north east and my sister down south, it has been really important to me to keep in touch with them all as much as possible through FaceTime, phone calls and even weekly quizzes which has been great fun! I miss you all very much and I can’t wait to see you all back at school, but in the meantime stay safe, look after each other and yourself! Keep sending us your pictures to it’s been fab seeing what you have been up to!


Lots of love

Miss Gould x


Hi all,

It has been great hearing from you all and I have loved seeing the pictures you have sent through to our new email address.

During the week, I’m still very busy with school work, but I created an outdoor desk during the warm weather. At the beginning of lockdown I got a new bike, and have been enjoying evening rides through the local parks and woodlands with my boyfriend, who constantly moans about how slow I am!! I have also been baking lots and started painting and drawing much more – it is very relaxing.

Otter and Rampage are well and they are loving a new outdoor run – and are eating everything in sight as usual!

It goes without saying I’m eager for the football season to restart, safely of course! Come on Liverpool!

Keep yourselves busy and stay safe! Missing you all – especially the daily laughs!


Miss Whale x

Hi all,  

During lockdown I am enjoying long walks with my dogs; Star and Belle. I helped Mr Morgan clean out our pond and counted 84 fish in total! I have also been painting in my garden and enjoying the sun. Take care, stay safe. 

Mrs Morgan x


Year 5 Lexia Superstars this week are: 

Jacob                 Marley            Alfie     


We have had such great feedback from last week's Hour of Code activity so we have added a new one for you today! The goal of this coding activity is to get the cart of bananas to the monkey by clearing a path and overcoming obstacles along the way. Every few challenges, new characters are introduced to help create a path for the cart to get to the monkey. After you write your code, click on the cart to get it moving. It is a little more difficult than last week's activity so there are hints and tips are included along the way to help you! Again, we recommend Google Chrome but this works in all browsers.

Follow the link below to get coding and good luck! 

Monday 1st June Answers

Tuesday 2nd June

Please watch the video before completing today's main maths activity...


Weekly arithmetic is now uploaded. Answers next Tuesday.

Other Subjects

We have uploaded a new science lesson for you today! Carrying on with our learning about light, today we will be doing a little investigation into shadows!


Mental Health Awareness Week

In light of Mental Health Awareness Week this week, we have created some activities centred around worrying. We hope they become useful in helping deal with your worries during this difficult time.

Louie's High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session.

Hi everyone,

As he is keen on his fitness, Louie has written a workout for us to complete. Why not get all of your family involved? Do it in the garden, or as part of your hourly walk, stop and do a few rounds then carry on!

Why not send us a sweaty selfie into our email:


French lesson 7... try our weekly French lesson. Why not work as a family and teach a sibling or your parents? (Answers next week).

Lesson 6 answers below.

It's back... try the weekly quiz with your siblings or your whole family! Why not try a FaceTime or Zoom quiz with a group of friends? 

Answers next week!