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Year 2 - Home Learning 

Please see this document for lots of useful, educational websites that your child can access.

Answers for yesterday's work

 Fluent in five answers Wednesday 1.4.20.docxDownload
 y2 answers to Wed 1.4.20 EASIER task venn diagram 3 pigs LRRH LA MA.pdfDownload
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Thursday 2.4.20 Science

Read the ppt then choose one or more tasks.

 Food Chains Sorting Activity.pdfDownload
 food chains task easier.pdfDownload
 Food Chains task harder.pdfDownload
 Read this first Food Chains ppt intro.pdfDownload
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Thursday 2.4.20 Literacy

Please select your level to work at.

 Easiest Activity Sheet Commas to the Rescue-.pdfDownload
 Harder Activity Sheet Commas to the Rescue.pdfDownload
 Hardest Activity Sheet Commas to the Rescue.pdfDownload
 Mastery Challenge Commas in a list game.pdfDownload
 Read this first - Using Commas To Separate Items In A List ppt.pdfDownload
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Phonics Thursday 2.4.20

Please select Phase 5 tasks (Mrs Powell's Group)

 alternative pronunciations cards.pdfDownload
 Read yo_ho_no_comic_ph5b_o.pdfDownload
 sort the different sounds for letter o.pdfDownload
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Phonics Phase 6 Group

 adding ing game .pdfDownload
 Phonics phase 6 Please read this first.pdfDownload
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Maths Thursday 2.4.20

Please select fluency, then challenge yourself to other levels.

 2.4.20 Parents, please read the instructions first.pdfDownload
 Fluent in five Thursday 2.4.20.pdfDownload
 Reasoning and problem solving.pdfDownload
 Varied fluency .pdfDownload
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Green Group Thursday 2.4.20

Please select phonics, literacy, maths and science activities


 Green group maths Thursday halves and quarters.pdfDownload
 simple sentences to write 1.pdfDownload
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Free phonics website and online books - guidance for parents.