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Help and support for children to deal with problems that might arise when going online - click the icon above.

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Year 1 - Home Learning 

We now have a new email address for any queries about your child's learning/well-being and an opportunity to share photos of anything your child is proud of, or any of the activities they have been doing. 


Check out some of the amazing learning Year 1 have been doing at home!

A lot of you have been asking about us, so we thought we'd show you a bit of what we've been up to. We miss you very much and would love to see photos of what you and your family are doing, so please email them in and we can put them on the website for your friends to see!

Take care,

Mrs Stewart and Miss Flint

Here is an age-appropriate video to help your children understand more about Coronavirus. Hopefully this will comfort your children a little, during this unsettling time.


Please continue to read to your child every day, using the online book link below, school books or books you have at home. If your child is coming into school, please send their books to school every day as we are reading and changing books regularly. Thank you. Please see our '7 tips for reading' below.

Mrs Norris, Miss Flint and Mrs Stewart.

Accessing online reading books...

Please follow this link to access online versions of home reading books (that would normally be sent home). We will let you know what colour band your child should access when we ring you and there is a parent guidance sheet below to help you.

Happy Reading! 


If your child is a regular to 'Phonics play' they may also appreciate this similar website that has some different games: 


Please see the documents below for useful, educational websites for your children to access.

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 Parents guide to free phonics games online.docxDownload
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Here are some links to some fantastic music resources you might find fun.

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Please check daily for new home learning that is uploaded. Answers will be posted the following day, alongside the next days work.


Tuesday 14th July

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Wednesday 15th July

Read the story together and answer the questions. The questions are chilli rated (1 chilli, 2 chilli, 3 chilli) The answers are also provided.

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Wednesday 15th July

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Topic Work 14th & 15th July

 Paper with a border to do your poster on..pdfDownload
 Parents, please read this first. .pdfDownload
 Powerpoint slides.pptxDownload
 Task 1.pdfDownload
 Task 3 - Aquatic quiz - research your answers.pdfDownload
 Writing paper that you might want to write your letter on..pdfDownload
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Geography Area

 Information about the continents to help you with your mini-book.pptxDownload
 My Continents Mini Book - research.pdfDownload
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 Task 1 - Label the map with answers .pdfDownload
 Task 2 - Matching task .pdfDownload
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 Information about each ocean to make your mini-book.pptxDownload
 Starter - Quiz about continents .pdfDownload
 Task 3 - My Oceans Mini Book.pdfDownload
 Task 4 Ocean animal action cards.pdfDownload
 Task 5 - jigsaw.pdfDownload
 Wednesday and Thursday geography - parent information.pptxDownload
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 Easier map task - show hot and cold climates on a map.pdfDownload
 Friday geography Information for parents - Hot and Cold Climates of the World.pptDownload
 Support for when doing the trickier map task. .pdfDownload
 Task 2 - packing a suitcase .pdfDownload
 Task 3 - Place the animals in the correct places on the map depending on the climate. .pdfDownload
 Trickier map task .pdfDownload
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Wednesday 15th July 2020 - Phase 4

 Wednesday Phase 4.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 15th July - Phase 5