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Welcome Back

Upper Foundation - Home Learning 

Thursday 2nd April

Please refer to your child's home learning pack to confirm which phase they are working on in Phonics.

What were you able to make using your recycling yesterday?

Please send a photo of any work that you are particularly proud of to  -Use the title Ash/Cherry Class.

Love, Mrs Goldson and Mrs Jaggar


Photo of the Day

Emily is studying the lifecycle of a butterfly. These tiny caterpillars were delivered on Friday. We look forward to see what changes happen over the coming weeks!

We have an are the caterpillars at 6days old.

Phonics Phase 2

Phonics Phase 3

Phonics Phase 5




Miss Mosley's Bedtime Story


Hi All,  

Mrs Jaggar here!   I have posted a timetable below as I thought it might be helpful in the coming days/weeks.  Only one day into home schooling my little one and I have had so many people (family members mostly) asking me for advise on how to structure the day for learning/play etc.  I have put together a timetable that helped me through today without any tears or tantrums :-).

Mrs Goldson and myself will be posting learning activities from Wednesday, so please let us know how you are getting on and do not hesitate to contact if you need any help or advice from us.  

Here is a list of recommended websites/apps/online resources which you could use to support your child's learning: