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Upper Foundation - Home Learning

 We have a new email address for any queries about your child's learning/well-being and an opportunity to share photos of anything your child is proud of. - Use the title Ash or Cherry Class.

Tuesday 2nd June

              Keep sending us emails of all the learning you are doing!!

                Mrs Goldson and Mrs Jaggar


Social story - to read to your children explaining the current situation.

Cherry class have been busy making a video to help remind us to stay safe and that we all miss our friends. 

Look at what we have been up to!!

I am enjoying the counting songs - Alina

I am so proud that I have learnt how to ride a bike without stabilisers - Phoebe

Look at me riding my bike! Skye

We got some pet guinea pigs. We went to buy two in the pet shop but didn't want to leave one behind, so we took three home; Dobby, Shakey and Dasher. I love looking after them! Isaac

Emily has learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. Look at what she found out.

egg - caterpillar- chrysalis -butterfly

Hi from your teachers!

Phase 2 Phonics 

 UFS Phase 2 Phonics Monday 1st June.docxDownload
 UFS Phase 2 Phonics Tuesday 2nd June.docxDownload
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Phase 3 Phonics

 Phase 3 Monday 1st June 2020.docDownload
 Phase 3 er game Monday 1st June 2020.pdfDownload
 Phase 3 Tuesday 2nd June 2020.docDownload
 Phase 3 ai-ee-igh Tuesday 2nd June.pdfDownload
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Phase 5 Phonics

 Phase 5 Monday 1st June 2020.docDownload
 Phase 5 ou sound Monday 1st June 2020.pdfDownload
 Phase 5 Tuesday 2nd June 2020.docDownload
 Phase 5 phoneme spotter Tuesday 2nd June 2020.pdfDownload
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Look at your Hungry Caterpillar creations, even Charlie's brother joined in and made some caterpillar cress! And the videos are great, we love singing and preforming in UFS!

 UFS Literacy Monday 1st June.docDownload
 UFS Literacy Tuesday 2nd June.docDownload
 Resource 1 Tuesday 2nd June.docxDownload
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 UFS Maths Monday 1st June.docDownload
 Resource 1 Monday 1st June.pptDownload
 UFS Maths Tuesday 2nd June.docDownload
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 Topic Monday 1st June.docDownload
 Resource 1 Monday 1st June.pdfDownload
 Topic Tuesday 2nd June.pdfDownload
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Our Garden Project

Isaac has planted beans, cress and replanted some aloe vera stalks to give to a doctor at Mummy's work.

My cress is growing in abundance and some of my herbs are making an appearance! Mrs Goldson

This is the back garden I wished I had. I would love a tree house and grass. The handprint is a security system to get into the tree house - Callum

Look at my garden, I am growing strawberries! Noah

These are pictures of Bronte's garden. She would love to add a super slide, a tree house and a big sand pit (which they are actually in the process of building!) Bronte also added her favourite pink blossom tree in her drawing.

Alice wants to grow vegetables in her garden just like her Grandad!


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