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Lower Foundation Stage


In the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum music is covered through the area of learning entitled ‘Expressive arts and design’ and through Phase 1 of letters and sounds.  Musical knowledge and skills are covered through the following learning objectives:


  • Joins in singing favourite songs (22-36 months)
  • Creates sounds by banging, shaking, tapping or blowing (22-36 months)
  • Shows an interest in the way musical instruments sound (22-36 months)
  • Sings a few familiar songs (30-50 months)
  • Beginning to move rhythmically (30-50 months)
  • Imitates movement in response to music (30-50 months)
  • Taps out simple repeated rhythms (30-50 months)
  • Explores and learns how sounds can be changed (30-50 months)
  • Begins to build a repertoire of songs and dances (40-60 months)
  • Explores the different sounds of instruments (40-60 months)

Children sing songs, make music and dance, and experiment with ways of changing them (Early Learning Goal)

Lower Foundation Stage - Long Term Map