North Featherstone Junior And Infant School

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.


In UKS2 the children have been studying rivers.  They revised the features that occur in each course, and they then linked this to the water cycle and their scientific knowledge.  The children also enjoyed researching animals which live and breed in estuaries, in the waters of the UK, and they have studied the river Thames and how land-use has changed over the years.

In Foundation Stage the children have been learning about the eight species of bear that live in the wild across the world.  We have used maps and globes to locate different countries where each type of bear can be found, and we have shared a range of fiction and     non-fiction books linked to the environments in which they live.   

Upper Foundation have further explored the theme of bears in Forest Schools.  Children built small dens using natural materials, and they also learnt about the footprints of bears, and those of other animals.

Below are photographs of Birch Class working practically to devleop their skills in using atlases.