Welcome to Holly Class 

Miss Shephard 

Science Morning 

Holly class had such an amazing morning investigating the question 'Do taller children have bigger hands?'

The children used their investigative skills, using rulers (cm) and measuring tapes (cm) to accurately measure their handspan and height. We discussed how to make this a fair test and ensured that the children were measuring their hands from the same place. 

After we looked at the results from the investigation, we concluded that taller children do not always have bigger hands. We found that one of our tallest children in Holly class had one of the smallest pairs of hands. 

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who attended the morning and I hope that you had as much fun and enjoyment as the children did. 

Clay Workshop

Last week, a pottery expert visited our school. They were tasked with creating a dinosaur clay tile, linked to our topic. 

The children learnt lots of new skills such as: joining clay, rolling the clay, and how to shape clay using our hands. We learnt how to create the perfect thickness for the clay and how to create spirals and scales.  


Last week, we had a visit from a history expert from a museum, who brought in an array of artefacts collected by archaeologists and palaeontologists. The children were able to hold and explore the dinosaur bones and fossils, some of which were from 65 million years ago! We then conducted a fossil dig using brushes to delicately sweep away the sand and to examine and observe the fossils.

In science, the children have been learning all about animal offspring. We sorted the animals into different categories including: mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds. Then we discussed and sorted the animals which look like their adults and the ones that don't. The children even learnt a new word 'Metamorphosis' when we discussed amphibians. 

In PE, the children were using their bodies to make rounded, thin and wide shapes with their bodies. They used streamers to draw round and spiky shapes in the air. They learnt how t move in different directions and different levels including high and low.