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LKS2 spring term newsletter- please download below...

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Creswell Crags was a fantastic learning opportunity for our year 4 class. We all had a brilliant day and below are a selection of the many photos we managed to get of the exciting activities throughout the day. 


Why not ask your children about the ....interesting... methods used by Neanderthals to make their leather clothing!  

Willow Class worked hard learning the classic poem 'The Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll. In groups they worked on their delivery and actions. This has led into some beautiful and creative recreations of nonsense poems linked to the text Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Within their poems, the class showed their depth of understanding of verbs, nouns and adjectives through creating portmanteau words which they placed accurately within their sentences based on the learnt rules of word associations.

...Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Character Descriptions...

Please find below a list of your author's beautiful descriptions of Charlie Bucket. Look out for their use of expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and beautiful vocabulary choices. 

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Willow Class trip to York Chocolate Story.

We had a great day learning about the origin of chocolate. We found out about the Rowntree family and how chocolate has a deep rooted history in York. The children came home with a fantastic selection of chocolate from their day out, which they made them selves! A great day had by all and as usual, impeccable behaviour representing the school in a beautiful manner! 

Pupil expectations for live learning/lessons 

Year 4 home learning week 1

Year 4 home learning resources

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