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Welcome to Willow's Class Page!

The children in Willow enjoyed sharing their classroom with the adults that were able to join us on Science morning. We spent the day learning about how to set up and conduct a comparative science experiment. We considered how changing one variable can effect the growth of plants. We also recapped previous learning by organising fruit and vegetables into a Venn Diagram to show which part of the plant we eat.

Children in LKS2 will be expected to learn the common exception words for year 3/4 by the end of their two year cycle. These will need to be seen within their writing across the curriculum. This is something we discuss regularly in class. If you can practise these with your children at home. You will be supporting the development of their vocabulary, spelling and attainment in writing. Little steps like this can make a huge difference to a child's attainment. Please see below a copy of the year 3/4 common exception words.


In physical education, Willow has been honing their dancing abilities. They had been practising their 8-beat moves. They have been considering the various animal movements in light of the tale Giraffes Can't Dance. They have been using music to develop control, flexibility, and balance as well as assist them in creating their own style of dancing.


Willow have been enjoying their swimming sessions and are making fantastic progress in the skills they have learnt. 


We have been very lucky to take part in an organised workshop to develop our techniques working with clay. The children considered their prior knowledge children had about clay to design and plan what they imagined their creation to be. We were given the title 'River Coil Pots'. The children worked with Andrew Hill to look at different styles of clay coil pots before using rolling and shaping skills to form their own pots. Once these were created, they used a Monet inspired image to add detail to their pots. We have really enjoyed the learning in this topic and we can't wait to see the finished products on display in school showing a solid progression of skills from across the school.