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Welcome to Sycamore's Class Page! 

World Book Day

Pupil expectations for live learning/lessons 

We have attached a video to show  some of the learning that has taken place in Sycamore over the last few months.

Year One Welcome Booklet

Year Two Welcome Booklet

Click on the links above to read the Class Welcome Booklet. 

Science - Investigating Animal Poo!!!

Did you know that you can learn about an animal's diet by dissecting it's poo? 

Sycamore class have been learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. After careful study we were able to identify which poo sample belonged to which diet group. 

Dinosaur Dioramas

PJ and Story Day!!!

What a day we have had! We started off sharing the story of the Gruffalo and then we made him out of pieces of coloured paper. After that, we did some Gruffalo dancing using the language from the story! We had eyes that were orange and a tongue that was black and purple prickles all over our back! In the afternoon we played Gruffalo inspired games on the laptops and we then we had hot chocolate and biscuits as we watched the Gruffalo cartoon! Look at our Gruffalo pictures below!

Dinosaur Workshop and Visit

On Wednesday the 9th of September, all the children in KS1 had a fantastic fossil workshop and then a visit from some small dinosaurs and a large dinosaur called Sophie. The children had a great day!



The children have enjoyed learning about the 6 main animal groups - fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and insects. 

Some children have also been identifying, classifying and matching adult animals with their babies. 


In our art lessons we have been experimenting with different pencil strokes. We took our pencils for a walk along our page and we filled in the gaps using different lines. We have been using the terms: vertical, horizontal and diagonal.

Halloween Day!

What an amazing day! I In maths, we decorated pumpkins using 2d shapes! We wrote potions in English and we used colour mixing skills in the afternoon when we printed pumpkins using apple halves. We really enjoyed the disco and the opportunity to go trick or treating!