North Featherstone Junior And Infant School

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This year for World Book Day, we have all been reading the story "Tuesday" by David Weisner. 

Most of the staff were dressed as frogs. 

In Sycamore, we dressed as our favourite characters. Can you name any? 

In Music, we have been learning about pulse and rhythm. 

We have listened to familiar songs and identified the rhythm.

We used percussion instruments to play our own rhythms. 

In Sycamore Class, we have been learning about riddles. As our topic this term is Dinosaur Planet, we wrote our own riddles about a dinosaur. Riddles are a type of poem which is also a puzzle. We have talked about clues needed to help our reader solve the riddle.

Here are some of our riddles to solve. Can you find out which dinosaur we are describing? 

Clue - some of us chose the same dinosaur. 

Click on the pictures to make them bigger. 


The answers will be further down the page. 

Welcome to Sycamore Class!

Here you will find lots of information about what we have been learning. 


This week, a pottery expert visited our school. We all had a chance to work with him. In Key Stage 1 we designed tiles with a dinosaur theme. We learned how to shape the clay using our hands. We had to make a pizza first and then use tools to roll a flat shape. We used sticks to make sure the depth was even. We learned some joining techniques such as using water to stick the clay and using tools to combine shapes into each other.

We also learned how to create a 3D product from a 2D design. 

This week, we have been learning about scientists and we discovered that they use evidence to support their ideas.

We thought about which animals might live on our school field and went outside with Elm Class to investigate. 

We found some unexpected animals and then had to decide whether they would actually live in this habitat. 

We know that we can decide if something is classed as an animal by asking 2 questions. 

Does it live? 

Does it move? 

If both answers are yes, then it is an animal. Miss Livingstone told us that we are animals too, but we are not sure if we agree with her! 

We are so proud of Ruby winning the Head teacher's award!
We are so proud of Ruby winning the Head teacher's award!

Congratulations to Ruby, the winner of this weeks Head teacher's star award. 

This is an extra special award that recognises the amazing attitude of some of our children. 

Ruby ALWAYS makes good choices and works really hard. 

We think she deserves this award!  


What a busy start to our new year! 

Since we returned to school last week, so much has happened.

First, we found an egg on our school field. We have put it somewhere safe and are now waiting for it to hatch. We have no idea what type of egg it is, only that it is big....VERY BIG.


Then we had a visit from the museum. We enjoyed 2 workshops where we learned lots of things about dinosaurs. We were amazed how big their bones were. 


This week, we found some strange holes in our school field. We became mini palaeontologists and investigated further.

We actually dug up some fossils. 3 fossils on our school field! We managed to dig three up but we are sure there are more. 




Answers to the riddles. Did you get them all right? 

Corey - Velociraptor. (Did you know the word Velociraptor also meant quick plunderer?) 

Harrison - Stegosaurus

Max - Velociraptor

Georgina - Diplodocus

Ollie - Tyrannosaurus Rex

Heath - Triceratops

Jessie - Stegosaurus