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Home Learning Video - Mr Preston or White Rose Maths

Victorian School Day

In UKS2, last week, we have had a fantastic spark day - life in a Victorian School. Coming into school in the morning, children dressed up, completely looking the part and learnt about all aspects of school life over 200 years ago. Children took part in lessons, reading, writing, arithmetic and religion (the 4R's) as well as drill, elocution lessons as well as looking at a range of primary sources from the era. This was further followed up by playing with Victorian styled toys and obviously singing 'God save the Queen'. 

All of the children had a fantastic day, contributed really well and learnt lots which sets us up for our topic of 'Revolution'. Thanks for you support with the costumes. 

Here are a selection of images from the day.



 Today we have two Lexia Superstars!!!!

Firstly -> Louie - After starting Lexia yesterday, he completed 113 minutes!!! Keep this up Louie!


Without further ado, and an extremely proud moment in his Primary School Career, and an email came straight through to me to let me know, a big round of applause to........


ED - Lexia completed!!!! Well done Ed!


A few less home learners online yesterday... Let's try and beat our record again!

Lexia -> Max in one day = 11                           Tuesday = 10 -> Max in one day = 13                  Tuesday = 14 (our new record)

TTRS -> Max in one day = 15                          Monday = 15 (Joint record)

Thank you to all of the people who have been completing work - I'm really impressed with the effort that you've been putting into your learning! Keep it up this week!


If you need any resources to support your learning such as a pen, pencil, workbook or ruler, please contact school and call in to pick one up. We have also re-installed the email address that you can get in touch with me. If you are struggling or need any help/support/advice, please get in touch at:


Stay safe, keep isolated and good luck!


Mr Preston

If you are struggling to access Lexia, please follow the following instructions

  1. Download Lexia Core 5 (UK version)
  2. If you need a teacher email, please enter:
  3. Then you just add in your usual Lexia log in. 

Username is usually: firstname followed by surname initial EG: John Smith would be SmithJ

Password for everyone is: read

Timetable for WC: 28.09.20

Wednesday maths

Todays maths video is courtesy of White Rose Maths. I am trialling using this video.

Please let me know via email if this helps you more or less than my videos.


To access the video, follow the link: 

Scroll down and watch the video: Negative numbers (In context)


If you still need some more support with todays work, you may want to watch the second video: Negative numbers


Year 6 Varied Fluency and Reasoning and Problem Solving

Year 6 Mastery 

Y6 more challenging Mastery

Wednesday Literacy

Literacy Starter

Wednesday Slides

Wednesday Game

Monday & Tuesday Guided Reading

Today, read the text fully, highlighting/circling and words that you don't understand.

Discuss these words with an adult or use a dictionary to find their meaning and then read them in the context of the text to help you.


Session 2 questions are here today... 

Rapid Reasoning (RR) Week 4

(easier one underneath if you need it... Remember to challenge yourself in this please! Most of our class complete Year 6 RR)

Day 1: Monday

Day 2: Tuesday

Day 3 - Wednesday

Day 4 - Thursday 

Day 5 - Friday


Wednesday Geography Lesson

Firstly, ignore the timetable, I have managed to plan Art History instead of Geography (this will be tomorrow). Sorry about that guys.


Today we will begin to look at some of the Victorian artists and how they portray the past through their painting. 


Follow the PowerPoint below and download the images and viewfinder to begin some fine art from the Victorian era.


It'd be great to see some too!


Daily Handwriting

Below is the daily handwriting sheet that you could complete during your handwriting lesson. All of the words provided will be on the KS2 spelling list along with the spelling rule. You could also practise you weekly spelling for handwriting instead. You can decide. 


Remember, to further practise your spellings you could use:

Speed write

Look, say, cover, write, check

Mini spelling tests with an adult/older sibling

Graffiti spellings (writing your spellings in a number of styles and in a number of colours.)

Practising the ones that you don't know!