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Autumn Learning in Oak Class

We love dressing up at NFJI. The Halloween Disco is always a popular event. We take striking a scary pose really seriously.!

Oak Class visited the  Memorial Garden in Featherstone on November 11th to join the local community in an act of remembrance.

During our indoor P.E lessons we have explored the New Zealand Haka . We used strong powerful movements and worked in groups to sequence our dance.

Our topic this term, is Revolution! Take a look at our newsletter, for more information about our learning this term. 

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Spring 1 term 2023 - Newsletter- What does the census tell us about our local area?

Spring Learning.

Oak class have been fascinated by our topic of light. We investigated how light travels in straight lines, we  discovered that opaque objects block light and creates shadows, which we measured to show how the distance from the light source changes the shadow size.

Mental Health Week- February 6th-10th



Oak Class know that looking after their mental health is as important as looking after their physical health. This week's workshop helped the class to recognise that feeling sad is a normal emotion just like happiness, excitement , anger or worry. The children thought about what makes them feel happy, so that if they experience longer period of sadness they understand that they have some of the tools to support their own wellbeing.