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Good morning Holly Class 

I hope you are all okay. I am really sorry we can't be in school working together at the moment. Each day, I will be putting work onto the website for you to access so you don't miss your learning. I will put up our daily timetable too so you can try to stick to this as much as possible. Please try to complete all the work online. If you have any queries, you will be able to contact me through the KS1 email address below or contact the school office and they can pass a message on. Please send in photos of your work and also videos. The email address is;

I will be giving you all a call over the next few days to see how you are doing. It will come up as a unknown number and not the school number. 

Please take care and stay safe! 



 Fluency task - 1 chilli.docxDownload
 Fluent in five - Year 2.docxDownload
 Parents, please read this first..docxDownload
 Part whole model and resources to cut out to work practically with.docxDownload
 Pre fluency - Numicon pieces to make if you need them.docxDownload
 Pre-fluency - easier task Number-Facts-to-10-Part-Whole-Activity-Sheets.pdfDownload
 Pre-fluency part-whole-number-shape-powerpoint - work through this with your grown up.pptxDownload
 Starter task - revisit representing numbers.docxDownload
 Varied fluency slides.pptxDownload
 Varied fluency task 2 chillies.docxDownload
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 Common exception words task.docxDownload
 English Monday.pptxDownload
 Sentence matching conjunctions.docxDownload
 Talk for writing text and pictures.docxDownload
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Phonics Phase 6 (Miss Crabb's group) If you work in my phonics group, please do the phase 6 below in the morning and then the phase 5 phonics under Mrs Powell in an afternoon, as we are revisiting phase 5 too. 

 Phonics phase 6, parents please read this first..docxDownload
 Plurals quiz - s es and ies.pptxDownload
 Spellings to practice daily.docxDownload
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Phonics Phase 5 (Mrs Powell's group) afternoon phonics 

 Phonics phase 5 - Parents please read this..docxDownload
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Phonics Phase 3 (Mrs Powell's group) morning phonics 

 Afternoon join the letters to make the word.pdfDownload
 morning activity igh story - The Knight who wouldnt Fight.pdfDownload
 Phonics phase 3 - information for parents.docxDownload
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Guided Reading/comprehension (daily) 

As we can't do our normal guided reading, I will be putting on a reading task each day for you. 

 Easier reading task - comprehension.docxDownload
 Reading task - comprehension trickier task.docxDownload
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Handwriting/letter formation (daily)

 Daily handwriting - information for parents.docxDownload
 Letter q.docxDownload
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Topic/PE etc where appropriate 

In PE, we have been doing dinosaur dance. Have a go at these dinosaur dances. Click on the links given.  

Autumn term newsletter 

Welcome Booklet 

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Dinosaur workshop and visit

On Wednesday the 9th of September, all the children in KS1 had a fantastic fossil workshop and then a visit from some small dinosaurs and a large dinosaur called Sophie. The children had a great day!