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Welcome to Hazel's Class Page!

Lockdown take 2! 

Hope you are all safe and sorted at home. It's sad to think that this is how we are starting our new term but at least we got to see each other before we went back to our home learning. Hazel class, you have been amazing so far this year and I am sure you will continue to be amazing now. You are a super class and I am so very proud of all you have achieved so far. I look forward to seeing your home learning each day so please make sure to email it into school using our class email: 


Home learning will be posted below for each day. In some cases, the document will need to be downloaded in order for the links to be activated. Please ensure that additional to the work on the schedule, your child is continuing to read at LEAST three times a week but the more the merrier! Also remember the benefits of fresh air and activity. Keep active, keep happy and keep safe! I would love to see any pictures you get of your adventures, baking, or special at home activities. I will try to keep an online gallery of any photos I am sent for you all to see. Please keep this in mind when sending photos if you do not wish them to be posted please let me know. 


I will set up class challenges and post our TTRockstars and Lexia champions each week. If you have logins for these accounts please make sure you are accessing them regularly in order to make it onto our class charts and leader boards! 

6/01/21 - Well done to those of you who submitted your work yesterday! Remember, completing the home learning is compulsory and must be emailed in each day. Please see below Wednesday's home learning work.


Miss Metcalfe x

Friday's Work

 Day 5 Rapid Reasoning answers.pdfDownload
 Day 5 Rapid Reasoning.pdfDownload
 Friday 22nd Year 3.docxDownload
 Friday 22nd Year 3.pdfDownload
 Who's there.docxDownload
 Who's there.pdfDownload
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Thursday's work

 1066 Day 2.pdfDownload
 day 4 rapid reasoning answers.pdfDownload
 day 4 rapid reasoning.pdfDownload
 Thursday 21st Year 3.docxDownload
 Thursday 21st Year 3.pdfDownload
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Wednesday's Work

 1 chilli.docxDownload
 1 chilli.pdfDownload
 1066 Day 1.docxDownload
 1066 Day 1.pdfDownload
 2 chilli.docxDownload
 2 chilli.pdfDownload
 adverbs to show manners LESSON SLIDES.pdfDownload
 Adverbs word bank.docxDownload
 adverbs word bank.pdfDownload
 chilli challenges.pdfDownload
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 chilli challenge Tuesday NEW.docxDownload
 chilli challenge Tuesday NEW.pdfDownload
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Tuesday's work

 1 chilli.docxDownload
 1 chilli.pdfDownload
 A recipe for Friendship day 2.pdfDownload
 chilli 2 and 3.pdfDownload
 chilli challenges.pdfDownload
 day 2 Rapid Reasoning answers.pdfDownload
 Day 2 Rapid Reasoning.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th Year 3.pdfDownload
 word bank.docxDownload
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Monday's Work

 1 chilli.docxDownload
 1 chilli.pdfDownload
 2 chilli.docxDownload
 2 chilli.pdfDownload
 A recipe for Friendship day 1.pdfDownload
 Chilli challenges.docxDownload
 Chilli challenges.pdfDownload
 DAY 1 Rapid Reasoning answers.pdfDownload
 Day 1 Rapid Reasoning.pdfDownload
 Monday 18th Year 3.pdfDownload
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Harry Potter Story Time- click the link for audio readings 

Chapter 2 - The Vanishing Glass

Chapter 1 - The Boy Who Lived

Just a little something from Hazel class to you.... Hope you enjoy seeing our Christmas build up in photos and have a lovely break! Love From Miss Metcalfe xx

Please see document below for end of year expectations for our year group. This has been sent home with your child to support you in supporting your child's learning at home.


Happy Halloween Day!!

Please email pictures of your fantastic costumes to be uploaded onto our class page! 

Please see below for Hazel's Newsletters and Welcome booklet:

 hazel newsletter flow.docDownload
 Welcome booklet Hazel 2020.docDownload
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