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Pupil expectations for live learning/lessons 

Heartbeat Class Newsletter

Please find below our class newsletter about our topic this term of...heartbeat! We will be learning all about the human body, percentages and mountains! Take a look for more information about our learning this term. 

Madni Masjid - Mosque Visit

The children have enjoyed a trip to the Madni Masjid Mosque in Bradford on the 15th June 2022. All the children had an excellent time and learnt many new facts about the Muslim faith. For example, the names of the different times of prayer and what times they were on the day we went and also the routine for washing that must take place before entering the holy place. The children were very well behaved and respectful and the leaders of the tour commented on what a lovely class of children we had - we are so proud!

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Gousto Jubilee Meal

The children will be creating their own healthy meal to be produced by Gousto for the Queens's Jubilee, so far the children have been using recipe cards to decide which ingredients they do and do not like, so they can look at the food groups they are on the eatwell plate and make a rational choice for a balanced meal they will all enjoy. 

Dancing through the Decades

The children have had a fabulous time looking at different dance techniques over the last 70 years of the queens reign. They have learnt 50's, 60's 70's 80's 90's 00's and now! They all enjoyed listening to these classic tunes from the different era's. Particularly the Beegees of the 70's and Robbie Williams of the 00's. What a fantastic opportunity - very much loved by children (and staff)!

Heart Dissection

On Tuesday 3rd May, the children in Birch, Beech and Oak class enjoyed a heart dissection lesson led by the biology teacher of Featherstone Academy. The children learnt about the different chambers of the heart and had an opportunity to see the size of each section, look at the valves and arteries and even have a feel of the heart muscle to see how strong and thick its walls were to keep all the blood pumping throughout our bodies. A thoroughly enjoyed visit by all. 

Featherstone Rovers

World Book Day

Forest School - 9.2.22

This week in forest school the children have been learning how to make a fire! It has been a great challenge for the whole class and they have worked together well to create smoke using the tools - what an excellent effort for all! 

Frozen Kingdom Research

This week we have been using the iPads to research the Artic and Antarctic circles and find out why the temperature there is so low and how the sun and the axis of the earth causes months of darkness or daylight. All the children were fascinated by this and have enjoyed finding out that the Antarctic can have temperatures as low as -94 degrees!

Forest School - 26.1.22

This week in forest school the children were working as a team with their own designated team leader. It has been nice to see who the children voted as their team leaders and how they coped with having a team leader that wasn't confident. They worked well together to communicate as a team to get blocks of wood from one end of the playground to the other using the 'spider' device where each child had to do their part to make the team succeed. 

Music Madness

The children in Birch class have been using a new music programme called Music Express. They have enjoyed learning about different types of beats including crotchets and quavers. They had to use these beats in a sequence and work together to pass a glue stick around the table in time to the music. This multi-tasking caused some laughter amongst the class and we all had lots of fun trying to complete the beat sequence and pass at the same time. 

Forest School Antics

Over the course of Spring 1, Birch class have the opportunity for Forest School every Wednesday afternoon. Our focus will be team building skills, listening to instructions and working as smaller teams as part of a larger team. Today the children have been working in teams to build the tallest structure from canes and string. The forest school leader gave all instructions on a whiteboard and therefore the children needed to work together to follow the instructions in the given time to avoid a forfeit. All the children enjoyed the challenge and enjoyed the marshmallows and crisps prizes for the winners - it was lovely for the winning team to choose to share the prize with their classmates as they were all part of the Birch team!



Children in Birch class have taken part in first aid training this week! They have learnt how to assess as a first responder and put an injured person in the recovery position. They have practised how to put bandages and slings on to support injuries before going to the hospital or doctor and perform CPR on babies, juniors and adults. All children were listening and have learnt a lot during the session to enable them to save a life. 


This term the children have been learning about Ancient Egypt. This week we have been learning about their temples. We recognise that there are two types of temple, a mortuary for dead pharaohs and a house of worship for the Gods. The children have learnt how priests were in charge and only the high priest was able to enter certain parts of the temple to perform rituals. These priests had to be clean so shaved their heads and washed twice a day! We all thought this was very excessive but enjoyed thinking about how other cultures may be different to ours. 

Celebrating differences in PSHE!

In PSHE this half term we are looking at how we can celebrate differences between us. 

This week, children have completed a culture wheel looking at their cultural traditions and compared these to children who may have different cultures to themselves. Children have then looked at how sometimes these differences can cause conflict and how to resolve these.


Every Monday, Birch class now have fitbeat with Mr Whitely, the children enjoyed learning about different types of beats in the form of single and double beats and putting these into practice to create music. They have used special equipment to make different sounds for each type of beat. At the end of the lesson we are learning a dance routine to 'Uptown Funk' and then having some time to relax and do some Yoga. This week was the corpse pose!

Haunted Halloween Horror

Birch Christmas Card Craft

This week Birch class have been getting in the mood for Christmas by making their own Christmas cards. Each of them used a fading technique using chalk pastels and then painted silhouette designs using black paint. The children were then able to delicately add the snow effects using a white paint pen. They all had such an amazing time and were extremely proud of their final designs. I’m sure we will have some competition from Beech and Oak when they design theirs later this half term.


Birch PE Person Pass

Birch class have been working on their teamwork skills in preparation for our 'Dance' unit in PE. They figured out how to work together to get a member of their class from one end of the hall to the other without touching the floor and no one having to move. They did very well and were proud of their fantastic efforts!

Birch Fabulous Forgiveness Drama

Birch class have been looking at how we can still follow the word of Christ in the 21s century. Here, we looked at forgiveness scripture and how we can learn how to forgive everybody and why it sometimes is hard to forgive people. We all had a lovely time creating scenes where we need to forgive using drama and working together in groups. 


This week Beech and Birch class have worked together in PE to create recycling inspired dance routines. Each group thought about what movement they could associate with different sounds that we could hear in a recycling plant. Each movement was worth 4 beats of the music and we talked about the different tempo and speed of each sound to go with its corresponding movement. The groups worked well together to get them performance ready within the hour and all children performed for the rest of the class. It's lovely to see all children coming out of their shell!

Frozen Kingdom Newsletter