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Beech Class

Frozen Kingdom Newsletter

Learning how to prepare food - as part of our D.T. project

Snapshot of Year 6 at Robinwood

Food tasting - preparing for our cooking project.

Local History Day

As part of a whole-school history day, Upper Key Stage Two focused on the history and the impact of the mining industry within Featherstone and the surrounding towns. Together as a class, we create a huge timeline which incorporated important, world, local, school and mining dates. The children learnt about the changes in the coal mining industry as safety and technological advances developed over the 20th Century. We invited miner Tim Sharp, who worked Kellingley Colliery, to come and speak to the classes  and share his experiences, the children were keen to put their questions to him. The children also had a variety of primary and secondary sources to explore.

Clay Hearts

The final outcomes of the clay heart sculptures - created by small groups of Oak and Beech children.

Happy Halloween!

At the end of half term there were some very spooky members of Beech class!

Investigating blood.

In science, we have been learning about blood and its biological composition. The children learnt about the importance and roles of: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. We used a variety of household ingredients to represent each element to make our own 'blood', for instance we used Cheerios dyed red to show red blood cells.

Heart Compositions 

Below are three examples of compositions the children wrote and performed linked to our Heartbeat topic. The story of the music relates to a story about pulse rate. The children were able to use any part of their bodies to make a beat, they also wrote their own notation for their composition. Beech class really enjoyed performing for each other, and then trying to guess the story behind the music.


Forest Schools - Skeleton Mobiles

In Forest schools the children, led by Mr Pearson, have created mobile skeletons based on the human body. They have learnt all the scientific names for bones in our bodies. In small groups the children, sawed, measure,d drilled and threaded various pieces of wood in order to create their skeleton. These creations are now on display in our classroom hanging above the 'Heartbeat' display.

Art - clay hearts

Children in Beech and Oak came together to work in small groups in create a model heart from clay, they used their sculpting skills; using coils and making slip to join elements together. Some groups decided to model a cross-section of a heart - like they had seen in the heart dissection - others focused on forming the aorta and the chambers.

Forest Schools

This autumn, our Forest School sessions are linked to our current topic 'Heartbeat' - so far we have been learning about the organs in the human body through a crime scene activity and have also been learning the scientific terms for all the bones in our bodies; the children are working in small groups to build a wooden skeleton.

Heartbeat - Spark Day

To start our new topic 'Heartbeat' the children had the opportunity to watch or participate in the dissection of a heart. The children were able to understand the different parts of a heart and were fascinated by this complex organ.