North Featherstone Junior And Infant School

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Gordon Street, Pontefract, West Yorkshire WF7 6LW

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Senior Leadership Team



Mrs M. Cunnington    

Miss A. Crabb

Mr A. Preston

Miss D.Marsh

Miss L.Whale

Mrs R. Brennan

Mr K. Parry





Headteacher/Safeguarding/SMSC and D&T Leader of learning/Assessment, Mathematics and Pupil Premium Deputy Leader of Learning

Assistant Headteacher/Key Stage 1 Leader of Learning

Assistant Headteacher/Assessment Leader of Learning

Key Stage 2 Leader of Learning

SENCO/Lower Key Stage 2 Leader of Learning

Foundation Stage Leader of Learning

Business Manager



Teaching Staff                                                                 

Miss D. Marsh                        Teacher/ Behaviour Management/Literacy and Music Leader of Learning/SMSC Deputy Leader of Learning

Mr A. Preston                         Teacher/Behaviour Management/PE & Science Leader of Learning/Computing & Eco-Schools Deputy Leader of Learning

Miss L. Garland Jones             Teacher/Art and Design leader of Learning/PE Deputy Leader of Learning

Mrs R. Smith                           Teacher

Mrs L. Oakland                        Teacher/ Pupil Premium Leader of Learning/SENCo Deputy Leader of Learning

Mrs R. Brennan                        Teacher/Geography Leader of Learning

Miss L. Whale                           Teacher/NQT mentor/SENCo

Miss A. Crabb                           Teacher/ Behaviour management/G&T – mastery and Mathematics Leader of Learning

Miss L. Hay                               Teacher

Mrs M. Ridler                            Teacher

Mrs A. Norris                            Teacher/RE and Eco Schools Leader of Learning/Phonics and Parental Engagement Deputy Leader of Learning

Mrs K. Affleck                           Teacher/Phonics Leader of Learning/Literacy Deputy Leader of Learning

Mrs A. Jaggar                            Teacher/Computing Leader of Learning/Website and Art & Design Deputy Leader of Learning

Miss Q. Clapison                         Teacher/School Council and MFL Leader of Learning

Miss N. Kerrigan                         Teacher/History Leader of Learning/School Council and RE Deputy Leader of Learning

Miss J. Knibb                              HLTA/Website and Parental Engagement Leader of Learning

Mrs S. Southern                         Nursery Nurse

Miss J. Kelly                               Nursery Nurse                       

Mrs S. Cartwright                      Nursery Nurse


Support Staff

Mr K. Parry                                                        

Mrs P. Johnson                                                                  

Mrs J. Wood                                                                     

Mrs L. Hunter                                                          

Mrs J. Robson                                                                  

Miss L. Oakley                                                                    

Mrs. F. Croft                                                                 

Mrs B. Powell                                                                  

Mrs J. Sharp                                                                      

Mrs L. Morgan                                                                   

Mrs C. Lever                                                                       

Miss H. Malkin                                                                                                           

Mrs Y. Yeo                                                                           

Miss L. Gillespie                                                                   

Mrs G. Dawson

Mrs J. Kirk

Miss B. Jenkinson     

Miss K. Hoyle                                                           

Mrs A. King                                                                    

Mrs J. Chambers                                                                 

Mr P. Smith                                                                         

Mrs C. Kellet                                                                        

Mrs S. Kidger                                                                        

Mrs J. Sherwood                                                                 

Mrs C. Wilson                                                                       

Mrs G. Hayes                               

Miss L. Gillespie                                                                       

Mrs S. Joynt                                                                 

Mrs E. Pickering                                                                 

School Business Manager



Teaching Assistant/Lunch Time Supervisor

Special Needs / Learning Mentor

Teaching Assistant

Attendance monitor / Learning mentor

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistant

Teaching assistant

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant/Lunch Time Supervisor

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant/Lunch Time Supervisor

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Specialist Teaching Assistant for Literacy

Specialist Teaching Assistant for Mathematics


Lunch Time Supervisor

Lunch Time Supervisor

Lunch Time Supervisor

Lunch Time Supervisor                                    

Lunch Time Supervisor  

Lunch Time Supervisor

Lunch Time Supervisor