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Welcome to our parent page.

We continuously receive positive feedback, from our parents and guardians, and it has been suggested that we share these comments. So we have designed this page as a medium to keep you up to date with all the wonderful things that are said about our school and its environment.

This page also allows you access to voice any positive comments you would like to share with all, by simply typing your comment into our guest book and clicking 'submit'.

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Mr & Mrs Wedge(less than a year ago)

Thankyou for the opportunity to see our grandson inhis learning enviroment. The children were engaged with the science experiments which had obviously taken a great amount of planning & preperation by members of the staff. The value of the projects such as this, is immence & will give the children a base from which they can move forward to a deeper involvement of understanding in all the science subjects. Welldone to all the involved & keep up the good work!

Parent(less than a year ago)

Kitchen Science Morning - It has been lovely to spend time with my children in their school enviroment and seeing all the hard work put in by the staff is fantastic. Thankyou.

Parent(less than a year ago)

I do enjoy these parental sessions. It gives us an insight to what the children are learning about in their school day. As you are invited into the classroom you can also see the amuont of work they do in different subjects and the hard work the children put in to create such great work.

Parent(less than a year ago)

Had a fantastic moring watching and helping my daughter and friends doing different science experiments. I really enjoy coming in and seeing all the different ways they learn about things. I look forward to the next one!

Parent(less than a year ago)

Excellent morning! Good to come into school as always! Enjoyed the science & learnt new things for home. Thanks again too all the staff.

Parent(less than a year ago)

I have enjoyed the class this morning being able to interact with the different groups. I have learnt about density, substance and mass. It was all very interesting and enjoyable. Thankyou to Miss Marsh and well done to the school for arranging such a pleasant event.

Parent(less than a year ago)

Kitchen Science Morning - Another fab morning! Great experiments!

Parent(less than a year ago)

Kitchen Science Morning - Had a lovely moring on Oak class doing the experiments. I may even have to have a go at them at home.

Grandparent(less than a year ago)

Kitchen Science Morning - Brilliant morning throughout school. Love the fizzy fountain in Maple and so did the children. Excellent opportunity to work with our grandchildren. Thankyou.

Parent of Maple Class(less than a year ago)

Kitchen Science Morning - What an amazing thing to do today. We have learn lots of ways of how to make things of which i will be taking home and continuing these experiments at home. Thankyou for inviting us.

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