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Welcome to our parent page.

We continuously receive positive feedback, from our parents and guardians, and it has been suggested that we share these comments. So we have designed this page as a medium to keep you up to date with all the wonderful things that are said about our school and its environment.

This page also allows you access to voice any positive comments you would like to share with all, by simply typing your comment into our guest book and clicking 'submit'.

We aim to share all our children's achievements in as many ways as possible so if you would like to do so too then start typing!


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Grandparents of Tommy(about a month ago)

We had a very interesting morning watching the children create a google logo. As Grandparents it was particularly good to see how the children could 'get around' the computer so easily. We definitely learnt a lot! Thank you for inviting us.

Michelle(about a month ago)

Fantastic morning doing coding with Caitlin and her class! Good work all round. :)

Oak Parent(about a month ago)

Had a very enjoyable morning getting involved with coding. Was very impressed with, not only the equipment available, but also the high level of complex coding the class were dealing with. It is always appreciated to get such an insight into your child's education. Thank you.

Oak Parent(about a month ago)

Been a fun and creative morning learning new things. Enjoyed learning with my child.

Oak Parent(about a month ago)

Had a lovely morning. All the children were really engaged and well behaved. Really enjoyed the task set. Children are a credit to the school.

Oak Parent(about a month ago)

Really enjoyed this morning. Had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. Enjoyed learning about what Dion has been doing in class. Good to see the kids are aware of the dangers of the web. Thank you for inviting us.

Oak Parent(about a month ago)

#Fun! #Interesting! #Enjoyed! #Communicating! #Learning! #Educating! #Fantastic! #Understanding! #CodingMorning!

Oak Parent(about a month ago)

What a fantastic morning i have had! A real eye opener to modern education. Would love to come again.

Oak Parent(about a month ago)

I have really enjoyed the coding with Liam this morning. It's been interesting seeing the programmes he has been using & lovely working with him.

Oak Parent(about a month ago)

Super Morning, it was lovely to come into class & work alongside my child. Thankyou!

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