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Welcome to our parent page.

We continuously receive positive feedback, from our parents and guardians, and it has been suggested that we share these comments. So we have designed this page as a medium to keep you up to date with all the wonderful things that are said about our school and its environment.

This page also allows you access to voice any positive comments you would like to share with all, by simply typing your comment into our guest book and clicking 'submit'.

We aim to share all our children's achievements in as many ways as possible so if you would like to do so too then start typing!


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Laura Henson(less than a week ago)

The stay and play session for saplings Class was really good, it was nice to come join my child in school and to work on a ‘all about me’ portfolio. Ajay really enjoyed glueing and sticking his pictures in and after enjoyed showing me all the activities he can join in with outside. It was a very well organised morning and nice to speak to his teachers and see how far he has some since joining Saplings.

Parent(a couple of months ago)

Lovely morning at Key Stage 1 Phonics morning. It's been nice that it was just focused on Key Stage 1 meaning I didn't need to split my time between classes.

Parent(a couple of months ago)

Lovely morning watching Tommy doing Phonics and helps parents make sense. Loved seeing how excited Tommy was about learning.

Parent(a couple of months ago)

Nice to spend time watching Ethan learning and interacting with friends during Phonics Morning. Makes sense of Phonics for parents.

Parent - Charlene(a couple of months ago)

Great phonics morning. I love how the children learn Phonics through play, it makes it more exciting and they will want to join in more. Brilliant morning!

Parent(a couple of months ago)

Phonics Morning. Another fantastic morning. Love seeing what Millie is doing in school. All the kids and adults loved this morning.

Parent(a couple of months ago)

Phonics as it should be - FUN! The children loved doing this lesson. Excellent!

Parent(a couple of months ago)

A lovely phonics morning seeing my son working so well with his friends and working well with us. Fantastic

Parents(a couple of months ago)

Lovely Phonics Session. Fast paced, varied activities, differentiation really good.

Parent(a couple of months ago)

Had a lovely Phonics morning. Amelia has learnt more words today and harder words as well. Was all so nice to have a bit more bonding time as well.

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