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Welcome to our class page. Be sure to keep checking our page to keep up to date with our learning. Working in our class we have Miss Kerrigan (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs Oakland (Thursday and Friday).

We are also lucky enough to have Mrs Bowman, Miss Oakley and Miss Hoyle working with us throughout the week.

Now that we are in Autumn 2 we have begun our new project 'Potions'. To get all the children excited for this new project we had a science morning where we got to learn all about how to make different solutions. We made slime and sweets and got to experiment with making tornadoes. As you can see, the children loved this opportunity.

The children have really enjoyed learning about how to keep themselves safe when online. They worked in small groups to act out role play scenarios that showed a problem and they had to work together to plan and then act out a positive outcome/solution. Each group then presented their role plays to the class.

The children also worked in small groups to play a question and answer game discussing areas of online gaming and keeping themselves safe.

Researching Aquatic Plants.

Everyone is Maple really enjoyed our project 'FLOW' and some fantastic learning took place. Below is a reminder of some of the things we got up to.

The children have really enjoyed  learning about the different soil types there is and examining a variety of soil samples. They worked in pairs to examine the soil samples using some of their senses and magnifying glasses.

They made notes of their observations in order to compare the similarities and differences between them.

There are lots of excellent online resources to support your children's education. Check out a few of the links below: